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Touched Fables - A Thousand Goodbyes


Wilhaeven Infinet Set Cover

DISOWN ME RECORDINGS is a new label setting up shop in Canada's capital. "Our mission is first and foremost to shine a light on the incredible electronic music scene here in Ottawa, with the sole purpose of putting out physical releases by new and established underground artists" reports label head Paul Anthony. "We live in an era when anyone can cobble together a track and stick it up on a download or streaming site. There is often a lack of quality control, and the sheer volume of releases daily can unfortunately drown out some quality music. The physical aspect is important to us for a couple of reasons. First, the rather steep costs involved producing Vinyl, CDs and Cassettes means that many artists will never feel the pride and joy of hearing their music on these enduring formats. Second, we aim as a label to be a benchmark for quality and diversity for everyone who loves electronic music as much as we do. Going physical means we are serious about the artists we support, and hope to rise above the ocean of digital only releases. Expect exceptional electronic music touching on everything from electro to slack beats, ambience to darkwave, techno and beyond."

Disown Me Recordings
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